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The whole task of Copying Incredimail emails into MS Outlook comes to a standstill when users get to know that Incredimail doesn’t have the option to Copy Incredimail Data Files into any other email application. This calls for the help of a tool that could Save Incredimail Email Messages and enable users to view the Incredimail messages in Microsoft Outlook as well.

A whole new arena for email conversion has been opened by MailMigra for Incredimail, with its tactful approach and noteworthy features this software will be the long-lasting solution to Copy Incredimail to Outlook. For all the people who have spend last few days worrying over how to Copy Incredimail Files to Outlook now they will have a nice solution, this program definitely worth the try

Try Software Before you Buy

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Of course you are having second thought about purchasing a tool of which you know nothing about, so before you come to a decision how about you try it first then decide whether you want this program or not. If you are on for it then download the demo version using the below button and know the complete process to Save Incredimail Email Messages, after trying you will see that Copying Incredimail emails is no more a difficult function. Demo is for Free and only copies 10 emails of each IMM files into PST.

Step to use MailMigra for Incredimail

  • Install then launch the software
  • Selection of IMM files will be done by the software
  • Then click convert button and start to Copy Incredimail Files to Outlook

Rules of using the program

  • Must have correct POP3 a/c configured in MS Outlook
  • Only use the program in a Windows using PC

Copy Incredimail to Outlook in batch mode to save more time and if you do not wish to convert some IMM files then simply unselect the files from the list which will be shown to you when the tool select the IMM files. The software Copy Incredimail Data Files information same as they were in IMM format with metadata/attachments/formatting.

Additional Benefit

With the same tool and at the same price you can also Copy Incredimail Data Files to EML format. For most users this feature has already proven to be very beneficial as many keep two email clients. For them to have a tool to Save Incredimail Email Messages to EML and PST both is simple a wonderful experience especially when both facilities are available for only 49 Dollar .

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